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About our Glass Design

Metallic glass appears in the market. It makes transparencies come to life!

The application of glass indoors is already an undeniable reality. With its easy assembly and application, it lends the setting an excellent aesthetic, acoustic protection, sophistication and functionality.

Metallic glass is characterised by modernity, simplicity, sophistication and other benefits, regardless of whether it is used on the floor, the stairs, or the roof.

“S u s t a i n a b i l i t y” is undoubtedly one of the most talked about and commented on concepts in this new millennium and it features in the most diverse knowledge areas and economy sectors related to environmental concerns.

L&C Glass System is the only company in the world doing this work. You have to think about performance and durability. Materials that meet most of the following requirements are preferred:
– Ease of cleaning;
– Ease of installation;
– Promotion of additional luminosity and the spaciousness of the environment;
– Sustainability of the material (which is recyclable);
– Promotes thermal insulation;
– Promotes acoustic insulation;
– Abrasion resistance;
– Resistance to occasional hits;
– Resistance to mould or fungi formation;
– Resistance to moisture or infiltration;
– Resistance to fading by sun and rain;
– Variety of colours and styles;
– Floors are non-slip
– More cost-effective.

Previously known for floral and corrugated patterns, stained glass has undergone a remarkable evolutionary leap in the last few years and they are featured today in prime areas of buildings and residences as elements that add sophistication, elegance and privacy to the environments.

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In another video of this series recorded in Belissimo Banheiros, Fabiana Visacro made an introduction to metallic glass, a unique and exclusive coating designed by the talented glass designer Célio Olimpio.


Exclusive coating for the roof in Alfama Lisboa. A daring project of the architect Pedro Paiva who proposed to the designer Celio Olimpio create a mosaic with 76 pieces in glass in the most diverse sizes in color Black and Gold, which leads the visitor to travel in colors and imagination, bringing the magic of the Tejo river into the Loft.


Currently, Célio lives between Brazil and the United States, but he guarantees that he will spend longer in the Brazilian homeland in the future. He has L&C Glass to look forward to, the company he owns together with his partner Leia Castilho.